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Golden Warriors 2.0

Golden Warriors is a 3D third-person shooter game
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Golden Warriors 2.0 is a 3D third-person shooter game where players are challenged to avoid enemies and collect as much gold as they can as well as kill the resident Mummy in order to win the game.
The Golden Warriors 2.0 is compatible with Windows Vista but will run equally well on earlier versions of Windows. Players are presented, when the game launches, with a blue screen that provides the most basic instructions of the play and are informed of the controls for moving the Indiana Jones style character. These are simply the arrow keys of the keyboard for movement and use of the left mouse button to ‘fire’ and the right mouse button to ‘jump.

Pressing the space bar starts the Golden Warriors and players are immediately presented with the graphic scenery of the inside corridors of a dimly lit pyramid. The main character is chased from behind and before by skeletons wearing what looks like black raincoats, and they are fast, very fast! Stacks of gold bard are encountered and large bowls of water amongst other things and players are advised to ‘drink’ as much as they can to replenish their character’s energy along the way. Occasionally, any gold found turns into an enemy, adding to the suspense of this fun and fast game, the object of which is to kill the Mummy that is protecting the tomb, collecting points along the way, or the game cannot end.

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  • Free and fully functional


  • Navigational controls a bit out of sync
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